Best Buy Offering Free Shipping Throughout Yuletide Season

The holidays are the times when retailers and sellers mark down, slap discounts on, and/or offer promos on anything they can to entice shoppers into spending their holiday funds, whether it be on Christmas Pajamas or Halloween cakes, and Best Buy is no different. For 2019, however, the retail giant is offering free shipping to almost everyone in the continental US, which the company says account for most of its customers.

The remaining customers not in the US, out of bounds of Best Buy’s next-day shipping zones, will still get free shipping, though at the standard rates, though only on “qualifying items”.

Notably, this offer is similar, though not as good as Amazon’s offer for its Prime members, which cover millions of items in Amazon’s catalogue. That being said, Best Buy’s own catalogue of products is decidedly narrower than Amazon’s, with its free shipping offer covering most of what the retailer actually offers, with only larger and heavier items like big screen TVs and fridges, being excluded, so no worries for those looking to get a couple of Christmas Pajamas shipped for no cost.

Best Buy, on their part, stated that they have ways to connect their customers with the stuff that they buy. Notably, their store pickup service has managed to be a hit with its customers, with 40% of its online sales acquired at a Best Buy branch. In several markets where curbside service is available, customers don’t even get out of their cars.

No membership is required for Best Buy’s special offer, though the free shipping does require a minimum purchase of $35. Otherwise, standard shipping time applies, though that’s also free of charge.

Additionally, 42 US metro cities also get same-day deliveries for any qualifying order made by 15:00 local time on all days except Sunday, where the time limit is at 14:00 local time.

With the holiday seasons in gear, customers are paying attention as to what deals retailers are offering, and these free shipping services are only one of the ways that sellers and retailers hope to entice spending. As for Best Buy’s free shipping services, it runs all the way to December 25, 2019.


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