Breaking Down The Costs Of A Kitchen Renovation

One of the best upgrades that can be made on the kitchen is the addition of a splash back that will protect the walls from cooking stains while enhancing the kitchen’s appeal. The use of subtle-coloured kitchen splash back tiles can add colour to the kitchen walls and create a strong focal point. The splash back can completely transform a shabby and outdated kitchen.

According to Remodelling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, the national average for a minor midrange kitchen remodelling project is $21,198 but this does not include layout changes and moving electrical and plumbing. The report further states that a midrange kitchen renovation has an average cost of $63,829. Meanwhile, an upscale kitchen renovation project costs about $125,721 or more if the home happens to be located in expensive cities like New York.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms in the home to renovate because they are material-intensive and require additional budget demands due to plumbing, electrical and mechanical works. There are also appliances and plumbing fixtures that need tobe purchased. It can be extremely difficult to stick to a budget because of the number of options available in finishes, functions and styles.

In order to avoid frustration, it is important to be aware of the costs before the planned project. In a typical kitchen renovation, about one third of the budget will go to plumbing, mechanical, electrical, framing and plaster. Another one third will go to finishes while the last third will go to the installation of the finishes.

If there is a one place where you need to splurge, it will be the splashback because it is an important accent that can set the tone of the room and become the focal point of design. The kind of splashback you choose will determine whether you want a kitchen that will make a dynamic statement or a subdued one.

The colour and finish of the kitchen splash back tiles can add an interesting visual interest without being overpowering. There are many materials used in manufacturing kitchen splash backs from travertine, natural stone or marble that can make the kitchen look modern and sleek or rustic and cosy. Choose wisely to create your dream kitchen.

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