CEBIT Trade Show Canceled

The CEBIT Trade show, a Hannover, Germany event that focuses on computers, attracted around 1 million attendees during its peak. That time has passed, however, as DuestcheMesse officials report that the show will no longer exist as a standalone event.

According to Deutsche Messe, it’s working on streamlining its event portfolio and tradeshow logistics, and will be integrating CEBIT’s industry-related topics into its HANNOVER MESSE event, while, at the same time, moving CEBIT topics into its specialist events for decision-makers in industries.

Deutsche Messe will be cancelling CEBIT 2019 due to a mix of declining visitor numbers and a continuing reduction in the number of exhibitors booking spaces in the show. The event was originally intended to run in Hannover in June, with the latest concept consisting of an exhibition, conference and festival rolled into one, which, according to estimates, would draw in a mere 120,000 visitors.

Dr. JochenK√∂ckler, DeustcheMesse AG’s CEO, says that the overlap between CEBIT and HANNOVER MESSE have come up as the topic of discussion in the industry, which they have been keeping up with. Now, it’s time to integrate the topics from CEBIT that are relevant to HANNOVER MESSE, covering manufacturing, energy and logistics.

He adds that they are also looking into the digital market in order to see which remaining CEBIT fields they’ll be developing into new events.

The way the digital economy has developed within the past couple of years have cut down demand for horizontal tradeshows like the CEBIT, with digitalization’s innovative impact most noticeable in the field of industrial applications. This has led to many of CENIT’s core exhibitors opting to use the events that targets these fields in order to generate leads.

On top of that, Deutsche Messe Managing Board Member and CEBIT head, Oliver Frese, requested that he be relieved of duties by the committee, which they agreed to, going into effect a day before 2019.

According to Economic Minister of Lower Saxony and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Bernd Althusmann, says that the board accept Frese’s decision with regret and respect, saying that it’s hard to lose someone with such experience and skill.

DeustcheMesseisn’t expecting direct effects from their streamlining effects, having already taken into account what would happen with CEBIT in the past. They’ll also continue to use the CEBIT brand at their events abroad.

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