Central Coast Saw Its First Solar Tiles On A Residential Property

Mirella Atherton is a resident of Point Frederick and she is hoping that after a roof makeover in her house that she can be off the grid soon. She is saying goodbye to high electricity bills after she decided to change the tile of the entire roof of her home, 15 meters of which are now covered in solar tiles. After the introduction of solar tiles, it increased the demand for roof tilers in Sydney as it is popular to homeowners. Residents are willing to invest and change their whole roof because they understand the advantages of the cost-saving material.

Mrs. Atherton said that she is impressed with the final result and her roof looks amazing. She was proud to be the first house located in Central Coast to install solar tiles. Many have already installed in Sydney but in the Coast the innovation is yet to gain the attention of the residents.

Her house is currently 60 years old and there was leak from the roof which damaged the inside the house as a result. This is the reason why she went ahead with retiling. During the process, she learned about Monier, a roofing company which is also a supplier of solar tiles coming from Germany.

Any time they want, the Atherton can upgrade their current solar powered system. Mrs. Atherton said that they are just trying out things starting with 15 square meters. The fact is that solar tiles are 20 times more expensive compared to a regular concrete tile.

Sydney Re Roofing was responsible for the installation together with Ezy Scaffolding. The work was done in more than two weeks time.

She can’t believe how fast they worked since their roof is massive. She is happy that the company was able to explain to her well about the performance of the panel before installation and they are hoping that they can be off the grid in the future.

Many of the roof tilers in Sydney are receiving roof replacement project involving solar tiles because homeowners are looking for ways to save from their high electricity bills.

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