China Welcomes Clothing And Bikes Subscriptions

Almost every woman can understand the frustration of dressing up every day. After spending almost an hour in their pile of clothes while looking for nude undershirts that fits their skin tone and overall evening attire, they still feel like they don’t have anything to wear for the day. In the west, many women are already subscribing into clothes for rent offers of various clothing brands in order to expand their wardrobe every month without having to accumulate everything. Not to mention, they are paying less for items they can wear only once or twice.

This is why China is jumping into the trend of businesses offering subscriptions. This is not surprising considering the current state of the delivery networks in the country. Online shopping remains to be agrowing trend since delivery networks have been improved in order to reach every corner. They are also developing AI technologies that will help the sharing economy move forward.

Many types of subscriptions are already available to consumers including music and video and it has even reached tangible products such as flowers, clothing, cosmetics and bicycles. The presence of these services is proof that China is indeed the largest online shopping market in the planet. As it continues to evolve, many of the data collected from the consumers of the country are injected back into their own digital economy for further studies.

Now clothing for rent is becoming a huge trend and China is not one to be left behind. In fact, a large warehouse located in Nantong city serves as the headquarters for this service. Consumers, limited to women, are able to subscribe for a monthly fee of $70. This will give them access to unlimited number of clothing available in the warehouse. They order the clothes they want through a mobile app and then they send the clothes back to the warehouse once they no longer want to wear them.

As of writing, the company has already over 20 million users who have registered to their application. Women can choose from around 600,000 clothing pieces excluding nude undershirts which are not part of the haul for hygiene purpose. The company automates everything except for washing the clothes which are done by human workers.

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