Creating A Relaxing Space For Caffeine-Loving Locals In Canberra

Recently, cafes have been getting a lot of attention. Customer appetites are stimulated by the sophisticated interiors. Thanks to café fitouts in Canberra because they have managed to provide the small spaces with their unique charm. Colours, decor and lighting are chosen carefully to create the right mood for the target audience.

When Canberra suddenly comes up in a conversation, it is usually not about coffee but politics or art galleries. Very little attention is given to the small quiet café scene. Things changed when Tim and Myfanwy Manning first opened Red Brick Espresso in Curtin in 2011. The café occupied a 40-square meter area in the corner of a building that they owned.

Since then, the café has taken over one half of the building so that seating can be expanded and to make way for the takeout section that is called Little Brick. Coffee-loving locals would sprawl out on the outdoor chairs and tables during a sunny day while consuming the much needed caffeine and downtime.

According to Tim Manning, he was inspired by the few roasters in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. He wanted to share his amazing experience with Canberra. Tim also wanted to build a strong connection to the coffee for local baristas and store owners and create job opportunities for young people.

However, bringing the coffee experience to the residential area of Curtin in Canberra requires a different approach. His initial goal was to create a space where people can relax based on specialty coffee.

Their offerings focused on simple and delicious things that they have connection to like the green coffee from Café Imports, Melbourne Coffee Merchants, Shared Source and Cofinet. Local farms are the source of produce, meat and eggs while Little Big Dairy in Dubbo supplies the milk. Now, the café is the centre of bustling activity with more people getting involved in coffee for the long haul.

Cafes usually occupy small spaces but it can be maximized through café fitouts in Canberra that delivers the solutions to get everything organized. By carefully planning the available space, accessibility is enhanced for both customers and employees. The end result will be a well designed expression of your original vision.

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