Danang Fireworks Championship Is A Battle Between UK And Finland

This coming July 6, the pyrotechnic teams from Finland and UK who are relaxing at Danang Hotel will face off for the championship round. This will be the highlight of this year’s festival wherein the United Kingdom’s Pyrotex Fireworx Ltd will battle against Finland’s JoHo Pyro Professional AB.

They are the two teams who garnered the highest scores during the elimination rounds which lasted for four nights. This is in celebration of this year’s Danang International Fireworks Festival. They have bested the pyrotechnic teams from other countries such as Belgium, China, Italy, Holland, Russia, Vietnam and Brazil.

The yearly festival lasts for a month and it officially starts on the first day of June. The fireworks competitions are then scheduled every Saturday night. The event is a way for the participating teams to showcase the culture, beauty and history of their home country which is portrayed with the use of fireworks display.

This is only the second year for Pyrotex Fireworx to join and on the fourth Saturday they were able to wow the audience and conquer their competitor – Hunan Jingtai Fireworks Ltd which is from China. The spectators were clapping at the end of their presentation wherein they utilized around 700 pieces of water firecrackers.

In the United Kingdom, Pyrotex Fireworx is known to be one of the top companies that offer fireworks display as well as retails the products. This type of competition is not new to them since they have already participated in around 200 performances all over the globe. Two years ago, it was able to take home the third prize for the same festival in Danang.

On the other hand, it is the first time for JoHo Pyro Professional AB to join the fireworks event in Danang but they were able to give a breathtaking performance on June 15. They were able to beat Parente Fireworks Group from Italy, a third time champion during past events, and was qualified for the final round.

The Finnish team is currently staying at Danang Hotel and they are looking forward to the championship round where they are hoping to come out as victor.

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