Debunking The Negative Reviews On Koh Tao

It is disappointing when people exude blind hate for an island that they have never been to or have visited only for one day. The fact is there are approximately 2,500 Thais, 1,000 foreigners and 4,000 people from Myanmar living in the island of Koh Tao. Some of these people are employed at the beach villas in Thailand, dive shops and restaurants.

The local government has estimated that about one million visitors are welcomed by the island every year. The figures do not include the thousands of day trippers that come from KohSamui. Koh Tao has been voted one of the top ten in the world in 2015 and 2016 by Trip Advisor because of the numerous dive shops and restaurants.

The local community revolves around the diving industry. Robust ecological programs are being maintained to protect the coral reefs and marine life. The first plastic-free 7-Eleven Stores are located in the island. The number of people who have learned to scuba dive exceeds anywhere else in the world for the last 10 years. Many visitors have written positive reviews about their experiences in Koh Tao.

Violent incidents happen on the islands as well as neighbouring islands. Thailand like the rest of the world has its share of unfavourable incidents that are highlighted in the news. Similar incidents happen in different tourist destinations all over the world. Every single place has problems with crimes, scams and injustice.

The different issues that are reported in Bangkok Post like ineffective investigation of crimes, lack of justice, corrupt authorities, political representations and freedom of speech are more akin to Thailand as a whole. If some agencies lack reforms, it is not Koh Tao’s issue but a problem that the country has to solve. More attention is being focused on the negative aspects even if the island has improved steadily over the years.

There are many beach villas in Thailand but many travellers prefer those that have privacy with amazing views and beautiful surroundings. An open space villa is something that a family will enjoy because it makes them feel more at home. It is also a refreshing alternative that is definitely relaxing.

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