Different Approaches To Book Illustrations

Over the decades, several illustrations have caught the attention of the world. Illustrations have managed to grab attention and convey the message of many books. It has become an effective communication tool to make books household names over the years.

One of the most popular types of illustration is the pencil illustration that allows the artist to create soft shadows and transitions as well as sharp and accurate lines. There are illustrators who would opt to keep a pencil sketch loose or draft it with a pencil so that they can finish off the illustration using another material.

There are 3 different approaches to pencil illustrations. Monochrome approach is used to create clean lines and rich line weight. Coloured pencil is used to create very smooth and soft shading of the volumes. Another approach is called the rough, sketchy, and dynamic illustration because of the energetic linework and search for shape and volumes. The third approach is creating initial character design concepts which is quite common.

There are illustrators that use charcoal instead of pencil although it is not as precise as pencil and pen illustrations. Charcoal is the typical choice for illustrating short stories, fast sketches, and nooks. Illustrators use charcoal because it can be easily blended to create a wide range of textures and for representing materials and shadows, people, objects and nature. Fingers and tissues are used to blend a soft material, smudge or create smooth and soft shadows.

Watercolour is also used in illustrations to colour pigments and to create nuances and various transparencies. The overall feeling for a watercolour illustration is usually soft and airy with lots of depth. Illustrators frequently use watercolour for children’s book illustrations, fashion illustrations, and cookbooks because it is very light and can easily create splashes of colour or merged them into another.

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