Different Types Of Lime Plasters Used In Modern Interior Design

Lime plaster is a material used for plastering for centuries. The use of lime plaster started somewhere around 7500 BC.  Most of the homeowners are confused between the terms Venetian plaster, Cement Plaster, Marmorino and Lime plaster. These are different types of Lime Plasters used for getting different effects, textures and finishes in interior design.

Each of these different Lime plasters are created by combination of different grains and limestone. Consult a professional plasterer in Sydney to know about the different textures and finishes offered by each of these different Lime plasters.

Cement plaster

This high quality cement plaster is created by combining premium quality Portland cement which contains lime with graded silica sand. Walls plastered using cement plaster have a polished appearance of concrete. You can imitate the results of using a concrete plaster with this Cement Plaster. If you are planning to get a contemporary concrete wall finish at your home or office, contact a professional plasterer in Sydney to guide you about the different textures and finishes that can be achieved using Cement Plaster.

Venetian plaster

Venetian Plaster is created by combining Limestone with water. The mixture is later tinted to get the desired appearance. Venetian Plaster is suitable for interior and exterior applications as it is very easy to maintain. This plaster gives a warm and Earthy look and is extremely durable. Venetian plaster is suitable for the columns and archways of a home. It lends a very stylish and contemporary vibe to the surroundings. It is natural and non-toxic and prevents the growth of mold and fungus on the walls. Using Venetian Plaster also enhances the insulation of the building as it is applied in a number of thin layers.

Marmorino Plaster

Marmorino plaster is made using crushed marble and lime putty. This mixture is later tinted to give it various attractive textures and finishes. Marmorino plaster is widely used in the high-end interior designer market. Most of the plasterer in Sydney prefer to use it luxury bathrooms and other wet areas of the home because of its natural waterproof and anti-bacterial properties. Marmorino plaster can be used to achieve various effects on both the exteriors and interiors of the modern buildings.

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