Divers In The Monsoon Seasons

The southwest monsoon season arrived almost one month late in Phuket. Along with the yearly torrential rains arises the usual question if there is still diving activities around Phuket.

The simple answer to this is yes.

Phuket still continues to offer diving options or activities in contrast to Khao Lak where it pretty much pulls down its shutters when the Similan islands diving is closed. Usually after the first few weeks of downpour, there are plenty of opportunities to dive in Phuket.

The diving options

For Phuket’s low season divers, there are two main options to choose from. The first is for the diver has to prepare to go and dive to other lesser known locations. And, the next is for the diver to make sure that his hotel or accommodation has a house reef. A house reef is an easily accessible reef that separates the island and the lagoon from deeper water.

According to Phuket Gazette, Kata reef is a disaster to dive in during the low or monsoon season. In addition, a place on Phi Phi Don is a better alternative for those looking for a house reef.

House reefs are not the best diving locations but it suffices for most especially when there is a need to swim or dive.

Additionally, there is more possibility to seeing wildlife on barren reefs even with a short time like 45 minutes in comparison to walking in jungles all day.

According to them, for divers who are not willing to give up diving in Phuket for Phi Phi Don, there is no need to be worried. They advise to take motion sickness tablets just in case the ocean gets pretty rough during this less predictable season. They also added that one should be prepared to dive the leeward and eastern sides on some of these islands. When there is a storm, a diver must also prepare to switch from diving in the King Cruiser Wreck or in the pinnacles of Shark Point going to the wall of Koh Dok Mai.

Koh Dok Mai is abundant with marine life. For any keen diver, many species of nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, sea slugs and tigertail seahorses.

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