Dr. D Ivan Young Voted By Black Life Coaches Network As Life Coach Of The Year

Like any respectable field, life coaches see the need to give out awards to the most notable practitioners of their discipline. This year, Dr. D Ivan Young, PhD, has been chosen as the Life Coach of the Year by the Black Life Coaches Network (BLCN).

The BLCN is one of the most trusted and respected governing bodies for dealing with matters related coaching and life for several key regions around the world: urban America, UK, Africa, the Caribbean and Canada. For 2017, it has named the Houston-based life coach as the exemplar for black life coaches everywhere who aim to help people live their lives to the fullest with life coaching.

The BLCN’s President, Dr. Towanna Burroughs, stated that the BLCN was proud to award Dr. Young with the honor of 2017 Coach of the Year, and detailed how the good doctor started out joining the network in 2014, already being a bestselling author, relationship expert and well-known motivational speaker, then made the leap to hosting his own TV Show as well as a syndicated radio show. All of that on top of being considered as America’s leading relationship expert.

On his end, Young explains why he does what he does, striving to reach out to African-Americans to offer them help even through simple advising. He states that, historically, people of color generally refrain from seeking professional help, due to the imposed stigma upon it. He states that it is his aim to eliminate said stigma, offering his help for coaching and life, to this group, who have often been overlooked in the past.

He states that with organizations like the BLCN, he can reach out to people of color, especially blacks, who generally stray from seeking out professional advice when dealing with life issues. He expresses that BLCN, and other groups like it, generate and impose quality standards for practitioners everywhere, allowing people to differentiate the qualified from the non-qualified through certification and credential programs. He then adds, that, not only is he honored to have become a part of this new, innovative, system, but that he is also honored to have been chosen as the Coach of the Year.

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