E-Scooter Sharing Programs Presents Interesting Insurance Issues

Moto Guzzi has gained a special reputation in the motorcycle world. It has attracted a particular segment that remains loyal to the brand. People who are looking for Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK can visit the dealers that offer everything that a passionate fan wants. However, it seems that the business of e-scooters is booming in many cities and competing successfully with motorcycles.

E-scooter-share providers are trying to reinvent the way that people get around town. The electric scooter has emerged as popular form of transportation but it also presents some highly interesting insurance issues. According to Jason Hargraves, managing editor of Texas-based InsuranceQuotes.com, if you think that renting an electric scooter is the same as a car, you will likely be in trouble.

First of all, there are no seatbelts. Second, the auto insurance policy that you carry with you is only effective if you rent a car and not a scooter. E-scooter sharing programs are similar to bike sharing programs but without the docking stations because of Smartphone and GPS technologies.

In the absence of a docking station, riders simply leave the scooter anywhere at the end of the ride. People certainly do not want sidewalks to be the parking place for scooters. In cities like Milwaukee and Indianapolis, regulations have been created to regulate or restrict E-scooter sharing programs until they can modify the laws and roads to enhance safety.

Motorized bikes that travel at more than 30mph are classified as motorcycles and require the driver to have a motorcycle driver’s license and liability insurance. E-scooters drivers do not require a driver’s license and an accident can result to financial problems and legal issues. E-scooters running at 15mph can cause damage that is why providers are required to have liability coverage. The provider will assume liability if the e-scooter driver hits someone.

Authorized dealers offer Moto Guzzi California for sale in the UK including a wide range of new and used bikes, off-road bikes and scooters. It is very likely that you will find a motorcycle that suits your requirements. There are also spare parts and accessories for all your motorcycle needs.

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