Eastern Australian Capitals Shiver Through Cold Temperatures

Recently, hot water repairs in Brisbane and across the East Coast of the AU saw a spike in their demand, as Aussies turn to hot water to try and stave off the cold snap that has struck the country.

On the 15th of July, Aussies in the East Coast woke up to the single coldest day in the year, with temperatures managing to drop all the way down to just 1.2C in Sydney. That’s the coldest morning for the city, with Sydney Olympic Park frosty at 6.30 am. Meanwhile, Brisbane experienced it’s coldest weather as well, many hoping the hot water repairs in Brisbane can get to their homes to help them power through a 5.2C morning

Certain areas had it worse, with temperatures hitting below zero. Glen Inness residents, like the other Easter Australian cities, had to bear a super frosty morning, where the temperature dropped to -9C for the coldest morning it’s ever had in over four years. Cessnock in NSW, meanwhile had temperatures drop to -4C, the coldest morning in the city’s history in over 16 years.

Most of the cold weather is concentrated in Eastern NSW and Southeast Queensland, with Sydney’s temperature set to peak 18C, while Brisbane’s will peak at 21C. That being said, those are pretty high numbers, when compared to Perth (18C), Adelaide (17C), Melbourne (13C), Hobart (12C), and especially Canberra (11C).

Wellcamp Airport, located west of Toowoomba, recorded their lowest temperature at that time on July 14, where the temperature dropped to -6.4C early in the morning, at 6.42am. Nearby, Oakey reported similar temperatures of 6.3C  just before 7am.

According to meteorologists, the widespread cold mornings were due to a strong low pressure system occurring alongside a cold and dry air mass over Australia, which resulted in very crisp and frosty days earlier in July. Sky News Weather meteorologist even described it as nan-knitted wooly scarf temperatures.

Naturally, Aussies turned to social media to air out their concerns about the cold temperatures, with one tweet humourously complaining that people in Brisbane and Sydney, known for being colder than most parts of the country, are now actually complaining that the weather’s cold.  Another tweet complained that, after nearly 2 decades, people had to pour hot water on their windscreens and windows.

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