Effective Tips To Recycle Plastics

Recycling is the need of the day to protect our precious planet. Recycling helps to reduce waste, protects the environment, conserves the natural resources and saves energy. Recycling also helps to create sustainable lifestyle that does not harm the planet, it creates jobs and helps to generate revenue.

Here are some tips from junk hauling Orange County experts on how to recycle plastics.

  1. Recycle All Plastic Bottles

Single use plastic bottles are one of the major contributors of plastic waste. Dump all your plastic bottles in the recycle bin. Every bottle can be recycled and turned into a useful product.

  1. Plastic Containers Can be Recycled Too

Plastic containers used for packaging food materials can also be recycled. For example, containers of sour cream, yogurt and other materials. Clamshell packing materials can also be recycled.

  1. Do not Forget the Caps

While throwing plastic bottles, ensure that you attach the caps and lids. Bottle caps are made from polypropylene plastic, which can be recycled into storage bins, bike racks and auto parts.

  1. Some Stores Collect Plastic Wraps and Bags

Some grocery and retail stores collect plastic bags and wraps for recycling. You can deposit newspapers, zipper bags, bags used for packing dry cleaned clothes, plastic wraps etc. in the recycling bins in front of these stores.

  1. Have a Bathroom Bin

There are many recyclable plastics in the bathroom too. For example, shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes, soap wrappers etc. Place a small bin the bathroom to collect these recyclable item. In the same way, you can place bins in your garage, yard and other rooms to collect recyclable plastic wastes.

  1. Recycle in Public Places Too

Use public recycling bins at railway stations, stadiums, public parks etc. If you cannot find a recycling bin close, pack all the waste and take it home. Dump it in your locality or home recycling bin. This will not only help to make recycling a habit but also helps to reduce litter and keep public spaces clean.

  1. Use Recyclable or Reusable Materials for Parties

When hosting a party, try to avoid using single use plastics. Use reusable plates and glasses or buy products that are made from biodegradable materials. Make a list of items that can be recycled and display it prominently. Keep a recycle bin handy so that your guest can throw all recyclable wastes into it.

Educate yourself about different types of recyclable materials and ways to recycle them. You can also gain knowledge about recyclable materials from junk hauling Orange County companies. Buy products made from recycled plastics to encourage its manufacture and use. This way, you can be a responsible citizen and do your bit to save the planet.


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