Electrical Safety Check Is Now Mandatory In Scotland

Scotland puts much emphasis on electrical safety that is why they have the 5-year electrical safety checks. Almost 2/3 of fires that occurred in Scotland were linked to electrical products. Based on statistical reports, one person is killed in UK every week due to electrical fires with about 350,000 injured every year as a result of electrical shock.

According to research, private tenants are more likely to be affected because of poor electrical safety. For example, last year 16% of the private rented sector (PRS) tenants experienced electrical hazards. The number increases to 20% for those with children. This is among the reasons for the increasing calls for electrical safety with organizations seeking for tougher legislations in making electrical safety checks mandatory.

The voice of the people was heard by the Scottish government. Last December 1, 2015, the government issued a new Statutory Guidance wherein private landlords were required to conduct 5-year electrical safety checks to be conducted by competent and registered electricians.

SELECT has devised a Twitter campaign that rewards landlords with a free electrical safety check through a SELECT member. Members who meet the requirements are requested to go to Twitter and follow @Updates_select and retweet the campaign tweet to automatically enter the competition.

However, the safety legislation is not required in England and Wales in spite of the electrical fires that are costing billions each year in Great Britain. English tenants are not protected from electrical dangers because landlords outside Scotland are not compelled to regularly inspect electrical installations in their properties. Recent legislations have only made carbon monoxide alarms mandatory.

The cost of electrical inspection is minimal and it is a small price to pay for the protection of people and properties. Since most electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical products, Electrical Safety First is calling for additional product safety protection through the installation of RCD’s.

If you notice signs of electrical danger in your home, your best option is to call the domestic electrician Perth for safety. Emergencies can happen any time but there is a team of electricians who is always ready to help and deliver a cost effective solution.

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