Estonian Ibis Hotel Brings Out New Concepts

On top of their world class facilities evident in their new hotel in Thailand which you could find at, Ibis Styles wants to go beyond than just mere design.

It could be remembered that at the beginning of this year, Ibis wanted to pay attention to the amount of hospitality that they are providing their customers. They also want to focus on social interaction to further meet the expectation of their guests.

New Check-in System and Social Hub

Hence, as you enter the hotel, you would easily be greeted with a warming welcome from all of their personnel and they have also allotted spaces which are fully accessible by people on the outside world.

According to the Accor Chief Marketing Officer Steven Taylor, they have already had their hotel’s social hub in order for their guests to have a new customer experience as well. In the social hub, the guests could easily communicate and interact with their fellow travellers and locals.

As they upgrade their check-in system and social hub, their Ibis Tallinn Center in the heart of Estonia was the first to adapt the brand’s new standards. The hotel feature 190 guestrooms and were all created by the Innocad Architecture. In order to make their guests feel at home and at ease, the said studio managed to combine modularity and flexibility.

Food and Music

Also, your hotel experience would certainly be incomplete without the delicious dishes that the Charlie’s Corner, within the hotel, serves. With their beer-themed bar where guests could have fun with their and family and friends, Charlie’s Corner’s changing menu is also something that everyone could look forward to. Therefore, fitting the menu suitable for a certain time of the day, customers could have a sip of their hot coffee in the morning and discover Beer Wall at night. What’s best with it is that customers of the Ibis Tallinn center could also jive and enjoy with the live music that the hotel offers.

Indeed, with all the improvements that they have done in Ratchada ( and in Tallinn, Ibis Styles certainly makes sure that it could give its customers the best hotel experience possible.

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