Expats Yet To Get Shipments After Moving From The UAE

Over 150 expats still have not received their belongings after moving from the UAE, even though they already paid thousands of dirhams for the relocation fees.

Lost of belongings

Police are investigating the claims filed by numerous former residents, who are left without their household items for several months, the cases the same with the 2014 Dubai Relogulf incident.

They are asking for help from courts in order to recover their belongings. They declare the same person behind Relogulf is accountable and is operating using another name.

Philip Davis was Relogulf’s managing partner. The very mad Ex-Pat Relocations customers, who paid Dh25,000 on average to have their items shipped home, are declaring that they were sold similar services by one man that is using the name, Lionel Philip Davis. He is said to be operating using an Ajman Free Zone license under the Expat HQ name. Attempts to get in touch with Mr. Davis failed.

Gail Thompson, a British expat who lived in UAE for over 10 years, has been battling friends’ cause after paying for services from Mr. Davis.

Relogulf customers that lost their belongings contacted Ms. Thompson after she started a Facebook group seeking for information from those who experienced the same situations.

They validated that they had also paid for the services from Philip Davis during the time he worked for Relogulf, and professed that it was a similar person currently calling himself as Lionel Davis for Ex-Pat Relocations after they checked his profile on Facebook.

Those who had paid for door-to-door services were told that they needed to pay additional costs for the containers to be brought or transported to their addresses following arrival at port.

The situation has already brought a great disturbance to people involved, especially the families with school children, having little belongings and school books lost during transit or currently being held at ports waiting for payment of fees.

The police refused to comment at this stage, and the Department for Economic Development in Dubai also didn’t answer inquiries.


This sends an important message to people looking to avail of services from international moving companies in Dubai. They need to do their research and to ensure that they only do transactions with reputable companies, so they prevent unfortunate things like these from happening.

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