Facial Recognition Device Installed To Resolve Lost Bathroom Tissue Problems

Tissue paper or tissue is a paper that is made from light weight materials. It can also be created using recycled paper pulps. We have the different type of tissues such as wrapping tissues, facial tissues, and one of the most used types, the toilet tissues used in a bathroom. It seems to be one of those things that we tend to forget it’s around and just use it without any thought.

In China, tissue papers in a bathroom are becoming a big deal. Chinese bathrooms before do not have a supply of tissues especially in public bathrooms, however, with the rise of the number of tourists and corresponding expectations from them, the Chinese have now started to rethink this and put up dispensers across the bathrooms in the country. They were able to start meeting the expectations of having tissue paper available but it also came with a problem. More and more people were stealing the tissue papers, where around 30 rolls of tissue paper are being stolen each day for each bathroom.

It would seem petty to some but with the alarming rate of stolen tissue paper at the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, facial recognition software has been installed in the parks’ restrooms. If the people want to use tissue paper, they would need to have to face the device and make eye contact before the machine will dispense 60 cm long of tissue paper. If they need more, they have to wait for nine minutes before they can get another round of tissue paper. This is designed to discourage repeaters and avoid bathroom paper-nappers. The biggest target for this move are the older generations as they have this fear of being poor again. Chinese residents actually agree with this plan and have even gone as far to say that this should have been done before.

Security and privacy conscious people would ask about this. Privacy is a concern but for many, it takes a back seat to solving the problem of bathroom tissue paper stealing. A positive response was received from frequent park visitors, one saying that since tissue-nappers have already lost their self-dignity, they wouldn’t understand the idea of privacy.

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