First-Ever Environmentally-Conscious NHL Jerseys From Adidas

An inexpensive craft fabric that can be used for different applications is GEM polyester felt that is made from 100% virgin A-Grade Polyester. The versatility, consistency and supreme quality of the fabric makes it ideal for all sorts of projects. It remains in the same condition after washing.

A special edition of eco-innovative and ocean-inspired Adizero Authentic Pro x Parley jerseys will be worn by the best players for the 2019 Honda NHL All-Star games. The unique jerseys will feature repurposed and upcycled marine plastic debris. The goal of each jersey is to become a symbol of change in the movement for the protection of oceans.

The partnership between Adidas and Parley gave new purpose to plastic bottles (polyester) as well as plastic waste from marine environments. The partnership wanted to end marine plastic pollution by reworking various marine plastic waste materials to technical fibres. This could create a material framework that is durable but breathable suitable for Adidas performance apparel.

According to Dan Near, director of Adidas Hockey, the sports brand wanted to create products that are tailored for athletes, sports, lifestyles and the world. The brand’s initiative in the special edition Adizero reflects on the Adidas’ commitment of first-ever environmentally-conscious hockey jerseys. Adizero is an example of a lighter, cooler and stronger jersey that redefines fit, feel and lightweight construction.

Brian Jennings, NHL Chief Branding Officer and Executive Vice President, said that NHL is a recognized leader when it comes to addressing major environmental challenges. Adidas as their partner has been incredible in the efforts at promoting sustainable business practices. The NHL All-Star Weekend provides an opportunity to showcase the innovation. Adidas will also introduce the environmentally-conscious jerseys that symbolize eco-innovation. The jerseys are available in the colours of the game – crisp white and contrasting black for the contemporary look.

There are many benefits to GEM polyester felt aside from strength, smoothness and high even structure. The fabric can be laser-cut or die-cut without getting out of line. The fabric can be used for cutting, moulding, embroidery, printing or other applications required by a project. You are assured of clear and perfect images when the fabric is used for printing.

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