Flood Damages Sustained In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has wrecked havoc in several states in the US. Houses in Tappan Zee Drive in Bridgewater Subdivision suffered from flood damage. Residents have to remove soaked carpets, drywall and furniture to be left to dry in front of their homes. In addition, residents also have to deal with insurance and infrastructure questions.

According to Paul Mueller, he liked having Chatham Canal behind his house because it is a handy source of water for his garden. From time to time, Mueller also enjoys paddling on the canal; however, a few years ago, he was alerted about some potential problems of the canal being responsible for draining the surrounding watershed. Since 2013, Mueller kept a wary eye on the canal after a storm brought water to the sides of the canal’s narrow banks and flooded Mueller’s driveway.

Mueller has petitioned the city of Pooler for proper canal maintenance. He charged that the city has neglected its responsibility in updating the infrastructure as the development of the surrounding watershed grew. The resulting flooding did not stop at Mueller’s driveway; flood waters reached at least 10 houses more along the cul de sac, causing major damages to infrastructure. There has been a lot of flooding in the city with 17 inches of rain within a 24-hour period. It is certainly a remarkable amount of rain that by the hurricane was over; homes were flooded with their carpet soaked with rain water and mud including furniture and drywall.

Residents have to do their cleanup but complaints were heard regarding lack of maintenance over the canal. The mayor hopes that the community will be eligible for FEMA grants that cover temporary housing and repairs along with low-cost financial assistance to cover uninsured losses. However, FEMA assistance to individual households is still under review.

Flooding is one of the reasons why a homeowner will require professional carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning Perth has an effective and proven method that restores the original quality of carpets that have been subjected to flood waters. During the restoration process, wet carpets are dried sufficiently and cleaned properly to bring them back to their original condition before the damage occurred.


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