Genius Tips To Get A Discounted Rate From A Wedding Planner

Agreeing to appoint a wedding planner is a great pre-wedding decision. However, it is also an expensive one. Even though a wedding planner is going to be there for a couple to take care of every detail and manage stress during the big day, hiring one comes with a hefty price tag. When looking to get a discount, these information from wedding planners compiled by will surely help knock down the costs.

Picking the venue prior

According to event planner Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events, a couple has to approach a wedding planner with a wedding venue already picked, since looking for a venue involves time and effort that translates to money. For her, a couple can likely get a discount when there are vendors in place.

Being honest

According to Sean Koski from Tickets2Events, when a bride makes a great case for needing a discount or when she is a person that they desire to work with, they are going to consider it. They understand that wedding planning adds up, but there are many cases which need or deserve to be given a discount, and they are open to it.

Showing a big network

For Maksym Podsolonko, Magic Day Luxury Experiences’ owner and founder, he offers discounts to his clients when he believes that it is going to generate more business. When a person has a big network in Facebook or a great following in Instagram, he gives a discount and other additional presents to ensure that they will talk about his company.

Having a wedding on a weekday

For Lisa Formaro, who is a stylist and wedding planner at The Sweet Trend, a lot of wedding planners and vendors are willing to give discounts to brides when weddings fall on a weekday. She said that it is going to make it easier for them, and it is also an opportunity for them to make money on days which they normally will not have events.

Summing up

These ideas might be great to take note of especially for those that desire to have lesser costs for a Wedding Coordinator in Sydney.

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