Handcrafted Roofs From Local Fir Trees In Croatia

Dave Watson, the owner of UK-based Woodland Survival Crafts that provides quality approved Bushcraft courses for schools, individuals, businesses and outdoor professionals has met with Anton Stimac or Toni at Crni Lug Village in the mountains of NP Risnjak. Their discussion centered on the handcrafted roof shingle that is more popularly known as Sindra in Croatia.

Dave Watson’s previous visits to Crni Lug village were with the Woodland Ways organization that organizes annual trips to NP Risnjak to track and observe its wildlife. Woodland Survival Crafts is interested in the discovery and preservation of traditional wood crafts both locally and abroad. The Crni Lug village can be found in the mountains of NP Risnjak where Toni does his craft.

Toni is an expert craftsman and he has successfully constructed a traditional regional roof known as Sindra. The wooden roof shingle is a handcrafted wood piece using the local fir tree (Abies Alba) which is widely available in the area. The craft is centuries old and has been passed from generation to generation. Similar methods in the crafting of roofs are used in many mountainous regions throughout the world but Toni’s methods are rather unique.

Toni crafts wood from start to finish using his hands and traditional tools. Toni has this unique way of choosing a specific type of fir tree that will be used in the preparation of roofing pieces.  Toni’s methods are tried and tested which he shares is workshops. Both Dave and Toni acknowledged that using natural building materials like wood can improve energy efficiency because it acts as a natural insulator.

Wood is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It is also environmentally friendly because it is free from toxic elements. When wood is used in roofs and buildings, carpenters and local craftsmen are provided with jobs. Craftsmen in the UK will be interested to learn Toni’s unique methods of making roof shingles.

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