Hanergy And CSR Working Together

As demand for solar power grows, Aussie companies like Southern Cross Roofing are making the move and learning about the new market. Chinese solar specialist Hanergy has decided to capitalize on this, partnering up with local Aussie company CSR, for the sale of their latest thin-film solar panel, the Thin Film Flat SOLARtile.

The two companies have revealed via a statement, that they’ll be working together to handle the pre-sales of the new product in Australia and New Zealand, as well as South East Asia, Japan, and even the United States, before officially launching the product across the globe later in 2019.

The SOLARtiles, which are being marketed via CSR’s roofing subsidiary, Monier, sport Hanergy’s CIGS thin-film solar chips, which the company states allows them to hit a conversion efficiency rate of 18.7%. The cost of the new product, as well as the technology behind it, has yet to be declared.

The product is in display at Rosehill, Sydney, at Monier HQ. There, the SOLARtile is in full view for anyone interested, a flat, square shape, arranged in a cross bond structure, with the tile-to-tile interlock placed in the middle of every following row’s tile in order to make the arrangement as water-resistant as possible. Overall, this gives the tile a pyramid-like appearance, which the companies attribute to the Gympie Pyramid in Queensland, which they say not only gives it a traditionally Pacific vibe, but also helps improve aesthetics.

Hanergy has previously attempted to break into the solar market, with the last attempt being a curved solar design tile that was never advanced commercially. This return into the fray is a big move for Hanergy, which has been having trouble on the Hong Kong stock market recently.

The partnership with CSR gives Hanergy a huge foot up in the local Oceania market, as the Aussie company, known by players like Southern Cross Roofing, controls 70% of the shares of the AU’s roofing market. Hanergy, however, have pointed out that the ‘pacific vibe’ technology could actually do much better in the US, where it fits better with the housing standards and the asphalt shingle market.

Hanergy’s media release regarding the matter carried an optimistic tone, with the company believing that CSR’s dominant share in the AU and experience in the industry will do great things for the company.

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