Have Yourself Booked In A Hotel Near Rama Yana Water park For Fun!

Here is Thailand’s newest and biggest water park and it has been opened since. To fully enjoy your trip here, you need to be booked in a hotel near Rama Yana waterpark, so you can access this beautiful area so easily.

You need to visit the Rama Yana water park as it is a vast 16-hectares of independent attractions. There are lots of water slides, kids’ zones, lazy river, wave pools, floating markets, elephant rides and so much more. You can also eat in the best variety of restaurants and pamper yourself in spa treatments. So there really is something in store for you and your family, while having a great splashing time.

According to the Management of the Waterpark, one great thing about it is having it constructed with the strictest international standards. Only premium quality equipment was used to build the park providing an exceptional experience for everyone. The park also generates its very own natural water to ensure safety among all its users. It is said that their intention is to provide the largest and leading water park in Thailand. It also hopes to entice more visitors to come to enjoy the park.

You need to be booked in a hotel near Rama Yana waterpark if you really want full access to the area. As it has been recently established, you may need to make arrangements with your travel agent or a travel website and ensure your bookings are registered. There are many hotels near the waterpark that can provide you with what you need and prefer. Some may even suit your budget, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

The opening of the water park will entitle visitors to some discounts if they plan to spend a full day at the Rama Yana water park. There is an entrance fee of 990 baht for adults and 790 baht for children. If your kid is just below 90 centimetres, he or she can enter the facility for free. It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and you’ll just be walking towards the park if you’re booked in a hotel near Rama Yana water park.

So, ensure this is something you can experience when you come to the Rama Yana Water park.

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