Health Benefits Of Spa Baths

Spa bath is a popular treat for people who want to relax and feel refreshed after a stressful day. But did you know it is more than just a stress reliever? Getting spa baths also has plenty of benefits to your health.

It is good for your cardiovascular functions. When you immerse yourself in water from your feet to your neck, you immediately get a cardiac exercise as water escalates your cardiac volume. This means your heart works harder when you are soaked in water.

It improves your sleeping pattern. Spa bath relaxes the muscles when the heat of hot water increases your body temperature. This is also good for business travellers. Availing a satisfying spa in Phuket will surely give you a good night sleep after a long day at work.

It reduces pains.Some athletes who have injury, such as muscle pulls or arthritis, find comfort in spa baths as it helps them relax their body. Unless you do not have a broken bone, a good soak of spa in Phuket will surely alleviate your pain.

It is helpful for anyone who has heart disease.A study shows that spa bath helps in lowering blood pressure. This is indeed a great relief for people who have heart diseases or hypertension. Immersing your body in hot water causes your heart rate to increase while it lowers blood pressure. But of course, before soaking in the tub, be sure to have yourself checked first.

It reduces the risk of diabetes and weight gain.When a small study was conducted between diabetics who take regular spa baths and those who do not, the former showed better results. Their blood sugar and blood glucose levels decreased. This even helped them in losing weight. It only took a month of taking spa bath for 30 minutes in order for them to lose four pounds. They were not even required to switch their diet and exercise.

Indeed, a spa bath is not only a simple stress reliever. So if you want to improve your health without any medications, get soaked in a spa bath now!

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