How A Pink Sweater Explained Hilary Clinton’s Inhibition For Conferences

Journalists and reporters really desire to hold a conference with Hilary Clinton. But, she does not want to.

Gail Collins, a New Your Times columnist, wrote to the presidential nominee asking for her to start holding weekly sessions with the media. Margaret Sullivan from the Washington Post argued how Clinton needs to face the media.

Even with the pressure, Clinton isn’t at all swayed or bothered. This makes people wonder why she is so resistant to face in front of the media and answer questions.

The answer may have to do with her first news conference as the first lady held in 1994 which was popularly known as the “pink press conference“. The coverage instilled in her the negative outlook of the media. That perception of which is: that the media treats her entirely different than most men and that it never moves on from a scandal.

Pink associates with the sweater she wore to that news conference. Her wardrobe was hugely reported by the press that time. Tom Shales reported that it was fine to report what was wearing since the president is often remarked too. However, there was another observation. To make it simple, her decision to be in a pink sweater was an attempt to lighten her image as a first lady who had so much power. Events in the White House are staged to every last detail so it is highly possible that her handlers were delivering a subdued message.

Then, she became the secretary of state and was asked about any fashion designer favorites to which she responded with asking if the same question is asked to a man.

Clearly, she doesn’t like to be scrutinized and to have to deal with questions not asked to men.

For Jim Abramson, a former editor from the New York Times, she is more scrutinized than men.

Maybe when she finally decides to hold a news conference, she will no longer consider wearing Women’s Sweaters (or even Men’s Sweaters, just to be safe). Still, she might never warm up to these conferences. With her history and how she views the media, it is not very hard to conclude why.

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