How An Oxycontin Drug Rehab Can Help Oxycontin Addiction

A question may be asked if Oxycontin must be legalized. Due to the stories heard, addiction to Oxycontin may need to be prescribed to people for a possible reason. The substance is addictive and may need the addict taken to an oxycontin drug rehab center for appropriate treatment.

Why It Should Be Banned

Oxycontin is almost identical to the symptoms that heroin can provide addicts. In fact, it is a substitute for heroin on the streets of the US. The manufacturer of oxycontin and its executives were guilty of adding addictive qualities to the medication. They were all fined with $680-million.

A concerned family circulated this petition to an oxycontin drug rehab as they were concerned with the loved one’s overdose to prescribed drugs. A family member named Josh started to use oxycontin when he was prescribed by the drug due to back pain after surgery. He became addicted to the medication several times until he died due to overdose after being prescribed by the drug.

Oxycontin is Threatening than other Painkillers

So long as surgery and pain medication is required, there will always be a tendency for oxycontin addiction. Doctors need to consider how they can legitimately prescribe this painkiller to patients. The drug has extremely addictive qualities that we will consider other painkillers as more suitable.

No other pain medication has been widely used with devastating effects as oxycontin in recent years. A review was written on this drug about its alarming effects, especially that it’s a portal drug to heroin. A television show also proved that the oxycontin addiction is a number one cause of death among teens in large areas across the US. The government needs to consider the prevalence and popularity of the drug, especially when younger people abuse it. If they really want to recover from the oxycontin addiction, they need to be taken to an oxycontin drug rehab center.

Updates on Oxycontin on the Market

A tamper-proof oxycontin is now circulating on the market and can possibly be a cause for potential abuse. As a result, people are drawn to use other prescribed drugs like Vicodin, opana and fentanyl.


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