How Customer Reviews Are Used As Marketing Tools

Satisfied customers share their experiences with others through reviews. With about 70% of people relying on reviews to make a purchase decision, a business cannot afford not to have reviews or comments on different marketing platforms.

Real-time experiences of customers can be shared on the business website, social media accounts, blogs, and other channels. A positive customer review is very valuable to a business’s reputation than any other marketing effort. Positive reviews make consumers trust a business. It is a social proof of an efficient service and high-quality product.

Unedited reviews can be highlighted on the website to influence consumers to buy the product or service. To make the review more authentic, you can request for the customer’s name and photograph. Get the customer’s permission before publishing the review on the website and the brand’s social accounts.

Customers feel that their opinion is valued by the brand when it responds to the review. If the review is unfavorable, respond immediately that you are willing to rectify the issue. If other consumers will come across the unfavorable review, they will see the response.

It is sometimes difficult to create new content that people will engage with. Reach out to your customers and ask for a review of the brand and product. Make your customers the brand ambassadors by posting authentic reviews.

It is very likely that you have come across a king kong agency review on online review platforms. Aside from reviews that are also ratings on the listing. The reviews are posted by clients who were satisfied with their experience with the digital marketing agency.

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