How Much Does A Commercial Pest Control In Brisbane Cost?

If you’re buying or selling a home and have pests dwelling in it, you’ll want to get rid of them to increase the market value of the house. If you’re selling your home, you need to prepare it for home staging and to undertake possible renovations and repairs. A commercial pest control in Brisbane may be required if you don’t want pests scampering on the floors of your house. Also, you don’t want your buyers turned off due to the structural integrity of your home.

So, you may need to know if commercial pest control in Brisbane is expensive. For many pest controllers, the size of the property and the extent of the infiltration will somehow determine the price of the service. If you want the best value for your home, the cost will not matter, so long as it is protected and free from pests.

What Particular Pests Infest Homes

The most common insect pestsinclude termites, spiders, bedbugs, bees and wasps, fleas and ticks, ants and cockroaches and they can be infiltrating your home in huge numbers.

Excluding the extermination of termites, insect pest control isn’t really that expensive. It depends on the size of your house and where you want the treatment done. A typical cost for commercial pest control in Brisbane can be:

  • $450-$750 for a complete treatment of the property;
  • $350-$450 for a comprehensive pest control treatment;
  • $250-$300 for overall pest control;
  • $150-$275 for tick and flea removal;
  • $120-$150 to treat a 3 or 4-bedroom home inside and outside.

The prices shown above are estimates. There are some pest control services that offer a fixed price regardless of the size of the property. So, if you want a huge house to be exterminated from common insect pests, you can opt for such service to cut costs.

It’s also wise for a home to be inspected twice, thrice or four times a year by a commercial pest control in Brisbane to ensure pests don’t infiltrate any part of thehouse. This may entail another expense, but it’s just minimal to the overall costs of renovating or repairing the house.

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