How Reviews Benefit Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The competitive digital marketing arena tends to focus on traffic, engagement, analytics, and trends. But beyond numbers, digital marketing is also about proving the value and quality of your products and services.

Customer reviews can help with that. The feedback from your own buyers benefit you not just by determining how good or bad what you are offering is, but also by encouraging future customers.

According to a 2020 survey from Search Engine Journal, over 90% of young consumers read customer reviews while making a decision to purchase. Customer feedback can:

  • Inform shoppers what your product or service is about. Users who might be passively searching may not read all the specifications and details about what you are offering and will go straight to reviews.
  • Influence their decision based on quality. Typically, shoppers look for above-average ratings. They surely won’t avail of something that has low ratings, and they might be skeptical about products and services that only have perfect stars. The more recent reviews posted, the more credible they are.
  • Speak to target demographics. A stay-at-home mom, a retiree, or a college student might want to know if a product or service suits them, and will look for reviews they can relate to in order to set and manage expectations.
  • Establish brand loyalty and credibility. If a customer is satisfied, they will not hesitate to spread a positive word. They will sincerely vouch for your business without any compensation or incentive.

Review sites help cast a larger reach for new customers, like King Kong marketing reviews seen on various platforms. Of course, providing excellent quality is foremost; so make sure to invest in that before expecting positive reviews.

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