How Reviews Influence A Big Employment Decision

People choose a new restaurant based on reviews on Open Table. They will order a gadget depending on the number of stars received from Amazon reviewers. Moviegoers decide on a film to watch based on Rotten Tomatoes review. Job candidates read King Kong agency reviews before they apply for a vacant tech position.

Companies must consider their customer’s feedback seriously so as not to jeopardize the brand. A study made by Randstad USA revealed that 57% of job seekers avoid companies with bad reviews.  If a consumer buys a certain product based on reviews, it makes sense for a job seeker to gain insight on the company’s behind-the-scenes from employee reviews before making a big employment decision.

Surprisingly, companies are more focused on using reviews to influence consumers in making purchase decisions. According to the same study of Randstad USA, 2 out of 3 managers ignore negative online reviews because do not believe that customer opinion can impact on their recruitment process for top candidates. Only 34% of HR managers are concerned about unflattering ratings on review sites.

The audience of corporate branding is composed of customers and prospective employees. When competing for top talent, it is important for a company to gain accurate and positive reviews particularly when the company does not make it to the list of best companies to work for.

Glassdoor is an employer review site that gets 49 million reviews. There is 30% greater retention rate among the hired employees that used the site. This certainly makes sense because the more information the job seeker can access about a company, the better will be the employment decision.

Positive reviews are reflections of a company culture. Satisfied employees will post positive review. Bad reviews from unhappy employees can be avoided if there is a safe and honest channel where their feedback can be shared with the organization.

Employees often share their opinions about a company through King Kong agency reviews and social media posts that they can share to families and friends. Companies must not be defensive when they receive bad reviews because it an opportunity to make strategic changes that will affect job recruitment as well as customer relationships.

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