How To Afford A House Or Sale In Pattaya

While it is true that buying a house for sale in Pattaya means that you would spend most of your savings, it also means that you would start a new life in your home and the investment can be all worth it. Besides, there are ways to lower down the buying costs. All you have to do is consult a reliable real property agent to help you get the best deal. Buying a house is big financial leap so you should not take it lightly. Here are some ideas on how you can buy a house that you can actually afford.

Buy what you can afford

One of the blunders of house buyers is buying a house that is more than they can afford. Check your cash on hand and your expected cash inflow. Make sure that after your monthly mortgage, you will still have something for other basic necessities such as living allowance, food, gas and utilities. Avoid buying a huge house with so many extra rooms that will be rendered empty. Pick a house with amenities that you would use and needs.

Have your cash ready

If you are not buying your house in full amount, be ready with a down payment. The good thing about having at least 20% down payment of the total amount is that your mortgage becomes lower or your payable loan amount per month. If your available money is 10% lower than the total amount of the house for sale in Pattaya, consider setting aside the purchase especially if your monthly income is insufficient to pay the monthly mortgage should you loan the property in the bank.

Prepare for surprise expenses

The expenses of buying a house do not end after you have paid the down payment or even if you pay the house for sale in Pattaya in cash. Take note that there are property taxes, insurance and other maintenance fees. You should also be wary of renovation costs, utilities, closing costs, inflation and other costs related to buying a house or property especially in a foreign country.

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