How To Ease The Fears On Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

According to latest estimates 10% to 20% of adults in the United States suffer from dental anxiety. This problem can negatively affect the health of the teeth and gums. It is important for parents to bring their children to affordable dentist to ease their fears and pave the way for a lifetime good oral hygiene. Each dental visit must be stress-free and promote good vibes.

Parents must bring their children to the dentist by the time that their first tooth appears and not later than the first birthday. The child will become familiar with the dental office’s environment and procedures. When children start their first dental appointment early in life, they learn to trust the dentist.

Playing dentist at home will prepare the child for the first dental appointment. All that it needs is a toothbrush, chair and mirror. Encourage the child to role-play by examining the teeth and pretending to clean them. Read dental storybooks so that they know what to expect.

Pediatric dentists have special training and offices that are designed to appeal to children. It is no longer surprising to find video games, TV’s, child-friendly fluoride or small toys in the pediatric dentist’s office. Toys can ease the fears of the child; however, it is important to inform the dentist prior to the appointment that the child is anxious so that the staff can make the process smoother for all.

Never tell the child “Don’t worry, the dentist won’t hurt you” because it implies that the visit may be painful. Give the child an idea on what to expect but do not mention words like cavities, needles or fillings. Pediatric dentists have special vocabulary to explain different processes like sleepy juice or tooth paint. There are usually small prizes that await children at the reception desk after the appointment.

Small rewards at the end of a dental visit can be a good motivation to ensure that a child will be cooperative. Full dentistry services are offered by affordable dentist including specialized services like dental implants and dentures for adults. Simple services like cleaning and general dentistry services are also offered to improve the smile.

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