How To Make Sure That Hair Extensions Will Not Cause An Embarrassment

Based on the results of a recent survey, Great Britain purchased £43 million worth of human hair extensions in 2013. The number is fast rising this year because women across the country are looking for ways to be able to boost their natural hair. Hair extensions, now a popular trend, are used to augment the amount of natural hair for aesthetic reasons.

It is clear that there is a very big demand among women to have thicker and longer locks which is easily addressed by natural hair extensions. However, the usual problem is the way the hair extensions are applied; if not placed properly, there is a possibility for the hair extension to fall off and cause embarrassment like what happened to Lisa Appleton.

Lisa Appleton, a television personality has been making waves while on a holiday in Spain. She was trying to recreate the iconic Bond woman when her hair extensions turned rogue and went flying. The clip-on hair extensions became loose and were sent flying when Lisa flipped her hair seductively.

However, there are ways to use hair extensions to boost the natural hair without everyone knowing that it is a fake. It is important to use hair extensions on a clean hair to avoid any oiliness at the roots. You can section of the hair from ear to ear using fingers instead of a comb. Secure any remaining hair on top of the head using a large clip. Start to gently tease and backcomb the section of the hair so that a shelf can be created to attach the hair extension. Use hair spray to provide a grip.

If you have short hair, it is a good idea to layer the front section of the hair extensions so that they can blend easily with the shorter layers of natural hair.

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