How To Spot The Best Country Club In Thailand

There are numerous country clubs in your area. Your choice should be influenced by several factors. One of these is your budget. Country clubs can be expensive so if you are working on a budget, consider a country club with more affordable membership and amenities. Aside from that, you will also determine the best country club in Thailand by looking at the following indications.

Convenient location

Choose a country club that is conveniently located to your business and personal needs. Picking a country club which is several miles from your home may eat much of your time due to travelling. Playing golf also involves waking for miles and standing for hours and if you arrive at the golf course tired from driving, you may not perform as good as you usually do.

Club facilities

You can also tell if the country club is an excellent choice by looking at their facilities and the type of entertainment they offer. The best country club in Thailand offers swimming pool for adults and kids, horseback riding, babysitting services, other sports aside from golf such as hockey and other related amenities and services. For some elite country clubs, you can find posh restaurants, wine bars and even shops for top of the line products. While they can be quite expensive, taking your family to country clubs as you play or strike up business deals with other members, the convenience and entertainment benefits out of these clubs are unparalleled.

Excellent golf course design

One of the reasons why country clubs are frequented by members is due to the availability of golf course on site. You will know that a country club is ahead from other country clubs in the area by looking at the design of its golf course.

Practice facilities

Another indication that you are looking at the best country club in Thailand is the practice facilities that they offer. Country clubs should support players from different skill levels and they should have a practice facility to further enhance the golfing skills of the player without being on the field right away.

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