Indeed Lists The UK’s Most Paid Jobs

Orthodontists in the US have it good, with high annual salaries and good working environments, with the people providing High-quality braces in Harrisburg and across the country enjoying low-stress work and good financials.

Their fellow practitioners in the UK also have it good, according to data from job posting site Indeed, with an annual salary of £99,010, British orthodontist enjoy similar stability to their American counterparts.

The data was acquired by Indeed analyzing at least 3,200 full-time job postings on their site, all with goal of figuring out which jobs had the highest annual salary.

Notably, this is the first time the job site hand undertaken such an endeavor. They conducted the research to shed some light on the salaries of job postings, though they also exempted CEOs as the position isn’t advertised enough on public sites to get an accurate read of, as they tend to be employed and brought in via headhunting agencies.

For the UK, Chief Financial Officers, whose job it is to handle the management of their company’s financials, including planning and reporting,  take home an average annual salary of £112,666 ($147,846), based on ads that were posted on Indeed.

Indeed’s top 20 ranking saw a fair number of financial roles, though they were a bit lower down the list.  Vice Presidents of Finance and Tax Directors sit within the top 20 list, with annual salaries of £86,517, and £85,742, respectively.

The 2nd and 3rd spots were taken up by Vice Presidents, however. Vice Presidents of Sales enjoy an annual salary in the UK of £109,278, while Vice Presidents of Engineering take home an average of £108,623 annually.

Medical specialists found their way into the top 20, with 2 slots in the top 5 taken up by medical experts. UK Orthodontists, who fix the appearance of people’s pearly whites, ranked in at 4th with an annual average of £99,010, showing they enjoy security and stability much like their American counterparts who fit people with High-quality braces in Harrisburg and across the States. Meanwhile, 5th spot was taken by the skincare specialists, with Dermatologists earning an annual average of £93,282.

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