Japan As An Ideal Destination For Adrenaline Sports Enthusiasts

The demand for adrenaline sports is booming that is why the idea of creating Adrenaline sports illustrated maps came about. The illustrated map that was commissioned by Cambridge University Press is a hand-drawn and digitally-colored bird’s eye view map of different extreme sports accessible to thrill seekers.

Extreme tourism or shock tourism is a part of tourism that generally includes travel to a destination where dangerous or risky adventures can be experienced. The destination can be rugged mountainous regions, dark and deep caves, vast canyons or remote deserts. These destinations have one thing in common; travelers visit the place because they want to undertake some risky or dangerous activity.

Recently, adrenaline sports have gained momentum in Japan. As the land of the rising sun prepares for the 2020 Olympics, there has been a notable increase in extreme sports tourism. Aside from the Olympics that is expected to draw about 20 million leisure visitors, Japan is among the fastest growing destinations for adventure. Japan is on the 8th place among 20 destinations that include Sierra Leone, Iceland and Vietnam.

According to Ben Julius, CEO and founder of Tourist Japan, the recent influx of tourists are interested in adventure sports, the impressive culinary scene and the deeply rooted traditions of the country. Travelers prefer to combine culture, nature and thrill-seeking action which are very easy to accomplish in Japan.

Nellie Huang, adventure travel writer and social media expert of Wild Junket, said that many travelers go to Japan for surfing and skiing. The best ski trackscan be found in the northern parts of Hokkaido. The diverse landscape is very ideal for people who want to experience adrenaline rush in the snow-covered mountains.

One of the most notable destinations for thrill seekers is SarugakyoOnsen that has a 62-meter skydiving jump. Adrenaline junkies can also look forward to the 40-meter natural waterslide at the Forest Canyon.

Travel magazines can feature an Adrenaline sports map illustration so that travelers will know the places where extreme sports can be enjoyed. Since the illustrated map is designed with colors and creative art, it can easily catch the attention of individuals who prefer extreme sports.

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