Krabe Benefits From Hollywood Movie Filming

Phuket is one of the most popular islands in Thailand because of its picturesque beaches. Business is booming especially for accommodations such as Novotel in Phuket as well as local businesses due to the impact of tourism. It cannot be denied though that there are also times when business is not doing well during low season.

Fast and Furious 9, the next instalment for the popular Hollywood movie series, decided to shoot in Krabi, Thailand. This is located on the opposite side of Phang Nag Bay which is in Phuket, the well-known island resort of the country. Despite the low season and expected low revenue for these months, the filming of the movie was able to lift up the local economy. This is according to KitibodeePravitra, the current governor of Krabi.

Governor ML Kitibadee disclosed the information after the filming crew of the movie started with their shooting in an old quarry that is found within the province. He said that the shooting was only for selected scenes that are considered to be crucial for the movie.

He also added that because the film has decided to shoot in Krabi, it has earned the local government around 46 to 50 million baht for every week of their shooting. The entire crew is spending over 40 million every week for their hotel accommodations, restaurants, van operators as well as the security staff they have hired while in the area.

The Krabi Governor could not hide his glee because while Phuket is revelling in the silence of the off-season, they are experiencing a high season all thanks to the Fast and Furious 9 movie production. He also called out to the local people to be welcoming and to treat the crew well because they wanted to attract more movie producers to come in the future. He also added that the Prime Minister was aware of the filming going in.

Accommodations on the other side such as Novotel in Phuket are waiting for the high season in order to compensate for the off-season but this year Krabi is on the up side with the blessing brought by the movie crew.

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