Latest Trends In Medical Logistics

Medical equipment are highly sensitive and expensive. It is a highly challenging task to ship equipment like, Scanning machines, X-Ray machines, Medicine dispensing machines, operation theatre equipment etc. The medical equipment should be carefully transported from the manufacturer to the customer without any damage. Damage to this sensitive equipment might result in exorbitant repairing costs and loss of valuable time.

Even the experienced medical logistics company, finds it challenging to store and transport these highly specialized and expensive medical equipment. Here are some of the latest trends in shipping medical equipment.

Medical equipment is heavy, sensitive, large and expensive. Crating companies sellspecialised crates that are designed to withstand difficult conditions during transportation and protect the equipment for damage. The specialised crates with floating foam bases and foam bumpers protect the equipment from rolling, pitching and knocking on the transport vessel. Logistics companies should use proper internal and external packing and crating methods to protect the equipment from getting damaged during transportation.

Logistics companies have to be extra careful when the equipment is being shipped. The equipment is prone to damage from corrosion, oxidization, dirt and other contaminants in the process of shipping. The medical logistics companies should use desiccants, corrosion inhibitors and vapour barrier bags to protect the costly medical equipment from damage during shipping.

Logistics companies should use reusable crates while transporting medical equipment for trial purposes. The equipment can be repacked in the crates easily, if it gets rejected after testing and assessment. Though reusable crates are expensive when compared to the normal ones, they are beneficial as they negate the need to construct a second crate for the second transit.

It is important for medical logistics companies to specialize in reverse logistics and asset relocation. Asset relocation involves a number of product recovery options along with product returns and exchange options. Most of the reputed companies also offer repair, refurbishment, resale and recycling services for medical equipment.

The modern logistics companies are using advanced technology to provide real-time status reports to the customers. This service helps the customers to save time spent in locating the shipment.

Another rising trend is the use of environmentally friendly measures in the whole process of transportation starting from the packing material to designing green supply chains.

With rise in competition, the medical logistics company have to stay abreast of the latest business trends and use them in their business model to stay ahead of competition.

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