Let Crofts Boiler Repairs Do The Inspecting And Servicing Of Your Boilers

Your boiler needs to be checked by a reputed boiler repair company like www.CroftsBoilerRepairsDerby.co.uk every three to six months. People often make a mistake of not having their boiler serviced properly during the spring and summer months. At wintertime, they experience an emergency situation where the boiler fails to work and doesn’t provide them the needed heat. Had they invested in boiler maintenance programs, they could have saved money and prevented emergency service calls. Below are symptoms you should know if your boiler is requiring a repair.

  • Check the Boiler’s Pilot Light

The boiler’s pilot light must be lighted to ensure that it’s properly supplying heat. If you feel that you can do the lighting of your pilot, ensure that you are following the instruction manual for your boiler. If you want to stay on the safe side and will need an expert to do it, feel free to contact www.CroftsBoilerRepairsDerby.co.uk to have the task done. From time to time, you will need to relight your pilot; however, if it’s done on a regular basis, it’s a sign that you need Crofts to do boiler repairs.

  • The Smell of Gas

If your boiler has gas smelling, it’s probably an instance where it needs repair. You need to verify and see if the gas is smelling from your boiler. Natural gas is hard to miss as it smells like rotten egg. If you smell gas, you need everyone out of your house, be somewhere safe and to call your utility provider. Never attempt to find the source of the leaking gas by yourself.

  • Check Your Home’s Hot Water Faucets

You need to check and ensure that your water gets warmer and advances to getting hot. If it doesn’t produce the required heat, it’s a sign that your boiler is defective. The problem could be a blasted pilot light; in other instances, it can be a sign of major problems. If unsure on what to do with your boiler, check www.CroftsBoilerRepairsDerby.co.uk on how they can help you with this problem.  Just ensure that they can help and inform you with the problem before they fix it. Once it’s back in shape, have it regularly maintained by them to avoid future problems.

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