Looking Ahead To The Key Conferences Scheduled For 2017

Nobody knows what 2017 will bring but there are a few key events scheduled that will show an inkling of what to expect. Mark your calendars for the 2017 events that may affect the future.

World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (January 17 – 20)

Expect a lot of debates as the world discusses Brexit, Donald Trump, populists and nationalist movements that are rising all over Europe, France and Germany’s presidential elections, the fate of Syria and the growing number of refugees. Another subject that will be up for discussion is the uncertainty of the global economy going under another recession. Surprisingly, the Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend.

People should never miss the coverage to determine how the world’s elites will respond or whether they will be overwhelmed the problems. The conference will be attended by people with money, power, influence, connections and resources. They want to be leaders but they need to step up and voice out their legitimate concerns.

Conservative Political Action Conference, National Harbour, Maryland (February 22 – 25)

Last year was quite dramatic for CPAC but what will happen if Donald Trump attends? This will be a month after Trump assumes the presidency and the honeymoon period between the president and conservatives isn’t over. Will there be grumbling over the big spending infrastructure bill or will Obamacare be repealed? Will the package of tax cuts be passed?

National Rifle Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia (April 27 – 30)

At least 80,000 gun owners are expected to attend including gun enthusiasts and Second Amendment activists. By this time, Trump’s Supreme Court nominee has been confirmed or rejected. Will the gun owners cheer the new Justice of the Supreme Court?  Will the push for concealed carry reciprocity advance to the new congress? How about the momentum for carrying firearms without a permit?

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