Mediation And Mercy To Replace Arrest And Charges

At the beginning of this month, there were 36 police officers from Radison were able to undergo a training that lasted for five days. The training is a workshop regarding mediation and how to manage conflict resolution. Their mentors during the training were professionals coming from Riverdale Mediation which is a well-known company based in Toronto, Canada.

The training is part of the program that was funded by the Canadian Government more popularly known as IMPACT Justice or Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean. The 36 officers were the first group of police to have undergone the training on how to manage dispute resolution. Through the workshop, they are trained on how to employ mediation as a tool when they are on duty and refrain from using strong approaches such as imposing criminal charges to the person accused.

During the closing ceremony of the workshop, the lead facilitators talked about the learning of the police officers after they have completed the 40-hour training. According to the president of Riverdale Mediation, Hilary Linton, the aim of the training was to teach the officers the proper skills when it comes to handling conflict in a more efficient and effective manner that encompasses their work as well as their communities. Through the intensive workshop for five consecutive days, they were able to learn how to understand conflict, what is causing it, how to make the parties involved more comfortable with them and how they can resolve the conflict together. They were taught skill on how to effectively negotiate. The police officers were also able to learn skills in mediation and how to settle things in a fair and useful manner.

After the police officers’ trainers, they are now certified mediators because they have learned a set of skills that is known internationally. They have adapted values and principles in order for the officers to handle evolving conflicts in an international standard.

The legal advisor of the police department, Sr. Supt. Bart Jones, is happy that the police officers are receiving conflict resolution training in order to have a certification that makes the process formal.

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