Missing Man Assumed To Have Faked His Death To Avoid Assault Charge

Hiring an assault lawyer is not limited to the guilty ones. It is more important for an innocent who has been wrongly accused to hire the services of an experienced lawyer to clear his name. Always remember that you have constitutional rights and one of them is the right to have a lawyer.

A Scottish tourist was reported by his son as missing on February 25. After the 911 call, the County Sheriff Office in Monterey launched a search for the missing man. They sent two dive teams and Coast Guard helicopters across the stretch of the ocean off the California coast. However, the authorities started to suspect Kim Gordon as faking his death to avoid a sexual assault charge back home.

The authorities became suspicious because there were several inconsistencies on the account that Gordon’s son gave them. His story was they hitchhiked from Los Angeles to Monterey County. In another interview, the son said that they rented a car.

The father and son were supposed to camp in different parts on the state but they did not carry any camping gear. All they had were two backpacks with minimal items. The authorities allowed the son to go even if they suspected that he was making up the story.

When the authorities contacted the prosecutors in Scotland, they found out that Gordon was facing charges of multiple sexual assaults. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 11. Gordon’s son has returned to Scotland last Februarys 28. If Gordon returns to the US, he will be facing charges of false police reports.

Gordon is still listed as missing person and law enforcement agencies across the country are still looking for him. Authorities are still hoping that he will show up for his court hearing in Scotland; otherwise, a warrant of arrest will be issued.

If you are worrying about the cost of hiring an assault lawyer; think again. If you are charged with a crime, you will have a permanent criminal record that can affect your future life and employment opportunities. The lawyer will aggressively fight for your freedom until you are deemed innocent of the crime.

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