Mysterious Case Of The Process Server Who Died Tackled During The DNC Fraud Case

There is an ongoing class action fraud lawsuit against the DNC or Democratic National Committee and its former chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. In the midst of the trial, an unexpected twist happened. Despite the fact that the recent happening was not able to catch the attention of the mainstream media, there are documents in the federal court that could support the news. This is about the lawsuit process server who mysteriously died after serving the DNC their class action notice.

The lawsuit was filed even before the document dump that was posted at Wikileaks. This is against the accusation that the DNC took part in concealing its bias from the donors as well as the supporters of Bernie Sanders. Hundreds of people who are supporting Sanders decided to become a part of the action class lawsuit. They are now even on Facebook with an active group page. According to the plaintiffs, the emails that were revealed at Wikileaks is another proof that the Democratic National Committee was with Hillary Clinton from the very beginning.

Back in July, a lawsuit process server with the name Shawn Lucas reportedly served the notice of lawsuit for the DNC and its former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. During the time of serving, he even decided to take a video of himself while serving and then decided to post it on YouTube. The video has already been viewed almost half a million times by viewers. This is mostly because of the fact that one month after serving the notice and while the Wikileaks scandal is at its peak, Lucas was reported to have died. Conspiracy theory were posted online and claimed that the two incidents were related. As of this moment, there is no concrete evidence about the correlation of the two. According to the report from the police, Lucas was found laying unconscious on his bathroom floor inside his house located in Washington D.C. There is an ongoing investigation as the D.C. Metropolitan police said.

There are issues arising from the process serving because of the claim of the DNC that the papers were not served properly and was given to a woman who does not have direct authority. The court sided on the DNC for this matter.


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