Niagara Falls Dewatering Might Not Happen In 2019

The state has already announced its plan for the bridge repair project but according to state officials there is no time frame as to when they are going to close down the water flowing into the Niagara Falls. While there is no definite timeline for the project, Niagara Falls boat ride will continue its regular services.

In a recent statement by state officials, the fun repairs campaign they have started for the bridges located within Niagara Falls State Park might not begin this 2019 including the plan to dewater all the existing cataracts.

Dewatering means they have to create temporary dams where the flow of the river will go instead and then parts of the precipice will have to be dried up. With this method, construction crews will be able to perform the repairs needed for the park bridges which have been constructed 117 years ago. This process is vital in order for the repairs to be completed yet there is a downside when it comes to the tourism of the area.

Part officials of the state have said before that the project might start as early as this year in order for the repairs to be done. However, officials are yet to release a new timeline for the said project based on the changes. The original announcement was made three years before to this month.

Angela Berti, the spokesperson of the state parks, said that 2019 was indicated as the earliest date but it did not push through because the money is not yet available.

The public information officer of the state parks, Randy Simons, clarified that this was not actually their target year. They recognize the need to replace the stone arch bridge which has become a part of their history yet they have to prioritize the existing bridges’ repairs to ensure that everything is safe.

The last time that Niagara Falls has undergone dewatering was in 1969. This is not a good news for operators of the Niagara Falls boat ride because they would have to suspend their services and the tourists might be disappointed as well because experiences will be limited when project starts rolling in the near future.

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