No To Uber In Vancouver

If you are visitor in Vancouver, you will be surprised that the city does not have Uber. Vancouver is only one of the few cities around the world that is inhospitable to Uber, the ride sharing app. Four years ago, Vancouver transport regulations classified Uber as limousine service. Austin, Texas was not friendly to Uber but it has made peace with the company after a commuting chaos occurred when Uber and Lyft left the city.

Vancouver politicians see Uber as a foreign interloper that can be a threat to the taxi industry. Vancouver thinks differently from Toronto that has allowed Uber to operate since 2012; however, the city has slightly raised the base fare for Uber ride. In Quebec, Uber serves more than 450,000 passengers coming mostly from Montreal. The minister of transportation used to be critical of the Uber but he has put off a bill that will require the Uber drivers to get taxi licenses.

The taxi lobby in Vancouver is successful in telling the government that Uber provides unfair competition for traditional taxis at a time when the cost of living is going high. However, the ride-sharing scheme is certainly required by Vancouver passengers because there are only half as many taxis per 1,000 people. Passengers arriving from cruise ships have to wait for as long as 90 minutes to find a cab. Lines could form for as long as 600 feet meaning that Vancouver certainly needs ride-sharing to augment it taxis and private limousines.

Uber thought that it could accommodate the demand for more transport in Vancouver but according to the view of British Columbia’s Passenger Transportation Board, Uber is a limo company that has to charge a set fare of $75 to prevent them from competing with taxis. If Uber does not charge the minimum fare, it is breaking the law and their licenses could be revoked.

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