North America To Welcome Aprilia Shiver 900 Next Year

North America will have something that Aprilia UK dealers will be jealous of in 2019 and it is the Aprilia Shiver 900. This motorbike is from the Sport Naked range which originally started with Noale. It has a refined mechanics with a 900cc twin engines. It promises a torque value which is considered top of the range.

The first version came out in 2007 but and it was the first bike model to use the technology known as ride-by-wire which is designed to manage the electronics found in the engine throttle valve.That was the first time that Aprilia used the technology in a commercial motorbike. They have derived this technology from the racing world. In 2002, Aprilia Cube was also equipped with the technology and from then on other manufacturers followed the technology first started by the brand.

At the heart of the Aprilia Shiver is a V-twin engine with 900cc capacity. It has the ability to raise the power as well as the maximum torque produced regardless of the level of rpm. The most outstanding characteristics of Aprilia Shiver is that it has power and character but the comfort and ease remains. In terms of technology, the Aprilia Shiver 900 features advanced system for traction control which ensures that the bike is safe despite riding at top speed.

Despite it being released under the sport naked category, the bike is considered non-conformist because of the distinctive design. This is shown by the air intake ducts, the compact rear end, the side covers of the fuel tank, the front mudguard and the side panels. Overall, the look is not only original but also non-conformist.

The first version only has a 750cc engine but the new version is equipped with a larger 900cc. At 6,500 rpm, the resulting torque is 90 Nm which is the reason why the twin cylinder was designed to have a power over 95 hp. Technology is also one of its strong points which is why Aprilia UK dealers are also excited to get their hands on this new evolution model.

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