Opening A Restaurant—The Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Way

Opening a restaurant may be one of many people’s dreams— a dream come true for well-known entrepreneur and restaurateur Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan. However, a lot of work and responsibility goes into it, far from how movies often depict the experience to be.


Choosing a Concept

Hopeful future restaurant owners who wish to have successful restaurants like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan need to start visualizing their restaurants with a core concept. Restaurant owners must envision their restaurants as something that would last forever. What is the theme? What kind of food will the restaurant serve? How about the decor? What strategies can be used to make it successful and stay in business for the years to come? A solid concept is necessary in creating a personality and identity for a restaurant—something that customers can identify the restaurant by, which would make the business more memorable. This increases the chance for customers to return in the future as well.


Adequate Experience

Just like in many other businesses, experience is necessary as one’s guide in running a restaurant. What services are necessary in the restaurant? How do you choose your staff? What documents are necessary in starting the business? How do you meet the food safety standards in your business? Starting a business is a lot of responsibility, and having enough experience would help one navigate through the whole process more easily.


Quality Food

Of course, a successful restaurant needs to offer quality food to its customers. An establishment could have a good venue, nice ambiance and music, and the friendliest staff in the world, but if it serves mediocre meals, customers are less likely to return. Focus on improving the taste and quality of the food that the restaurant serves, and everything else will follow.


Being a restaurant owner is a lot of responsibility, but if done properly, the business could run for years or even generations. A restaurant is an exciting venture for many, especially now with people more open to trying out new things, be it food, fashion, gadgets, experience, and more. Restaurant owners can take advantage of this and try out new strategies to bring something new to the table.

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