Outsourcing A Result Of Digital Marketing

We are in the digital era and it requires small business to be able to publish fresh and unique content regularly in order to stay ahead of the competition. The same goes for digital marketing in insurance. There is a high level of competition in the industry that it is important to be able to capture the attention of the consumers.

Businesses nowadays connect with their potential clients and engage with them using different channels such as social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), blog posts and email newsletters. Different types of businesses also require different marketing content. Take for example digital marketing in insurance, content can be about developments in the industry, information about the products they are offering and tips to get more from their insurance packages.

If a small insurance company hires a single person to create and publish these contents regularly then it can be time consuming. This is the reason why they are turning to outsourcing to have a team create all the contents for them.

According to experts, it may be common for business to turn to outsourcing but the practice also presents its own risks that need to be tackled.

Kimberly Malerba, Ruskin Moscou Faltischek’s chairman of employment law group based in Uniondale, said that outsourcing content should be done with a well-drafted agreement between the business and the outsourced company in order to make sure that both of them are protected.

She added that the absence of such agreement could mean that the business does not have the rights to the content but the contractor claims the copyright of the said material. This is why it is hard to repurpose the material or publish it in various platforms.

Malerba said that an as a part of a digital marketing in insurance, the company may hire a freelancer to write a blog posts and they want to publish it in their own website. Tom O’Rourke, a partner at an intellectual property law firm Bodner & O’Rourke which is based in Melville, said that it is best to have an all-encompassing agreement in order for the business to have unlimited rights to publish the content they have paid for someone to create.

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